A satisfied customer will pay more for parts if he can justify to his management that your parts and your services are better than the competition.


Here’s how Prefix can make that happen for your company:

  • We ensure your customer coverage by:
    • Establishing contact;
    • Building a relationship (regular follow-up/visits);
    • Offering a single point of Contact (a Prefix rep);
    • Ensuring the customer knows who to call to solve issues (commercial, technical or administrative);
    • Putting it all together to create even more opportunities for you.
  • We recuperate RFI/RFP/RFQ’s for you;
  • We make presentations;
  • We assist you in the following tasks:
    • Contract negotiation and management (including T&C, LTA/PSA, pricing, etc);
    • Production of market analysis;
    • Forecast/demand management;
    • Monitoring markets for potential new sales/business opportunities;
    • Crisis management (as the supplier’s focal);
    • Review and analysis of independent market analysis; and
    • Payment collection (rare occasions).

WHERE can we do this for you?

  • Montreal, Quebec area:
    • Bombardier Aerospace;
    • Bell Helicopter;
    • Pratt and Whitney Canada;
    • CAE;
    • Thales Canada
    • Héroux-Devtek;
    • Mecaer;
    • L-3 Com MAS;
    • Mecachrome;
    • Messier-Dowty; and
    • CMC Esterline.
  • Toronto, Ontario area:
    • Messier-Dowty;
    • Bombardier Aerospace;
    • Boeing; and
    • Honeywell.
  • Ottawa, Ontario:
    • CMC; and
    • Government (DND).

How we do it?

  • Establishing and maintain relationships;
  • Offering the utmost responsiveness;
  • Taking ownership of all actions;
  • Interacting with all levels of your organization:
    • Order management;
    • Scheduling (Forecast research);
    • Production;
    • Contract (Pricing issues);
    • High management (VP and President level);
    • Finance (Escalation and Collection).
  • Providing best in class work ethic;
  • Being fair and reasonable and looking for win-win solutions.

When do we start?

Please contact us at your convenience to determine when you would need our services.

At present, we have some capacity to represent a few more companies in the short term.


Depending on your objectives, we may be able to start representing your products very shortly after agreeing upon terms.


Prefix Aerospace offers complete “turn-key” representation interacting with all levels of your organization and developing the market while always seeking win-win solutions.

Contact Us Today to discuss your business development goals!